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Dinner at Eight | Red Dust | Public Enemy | Bombshell

Dinner at Eight - MGM 1933

One of Jeans most glamorous roles, the silver gown and Fox cape she is wearing in the picture (shown with costar Marie Dressler) caused quite a sensation in its time. In this scene Kitty (Jean) is telling Carlotta (Marie) that she is reading a book saying that machinery was going to take the place of every profession. Carlotta says "Oh, my dear that is something you'll need never worry about."

Hear the line now

Red Dust - MGM 1932

Jean delivers an excellent performance as Vantine, a hooker with a heart of gold. The photo at left is a publicity shot showing Jean posing for stills on the set. Yes, that's Clark Gable, her costar in the background. Jean was making Red Dust when her husband Paul Bern committed suicide. Filming was called to a halt but Jean had to return within a week as rumors where flying that Mayer was offering her part to Tallulah Bankhead and Joan Crawford.

The Public Enemy - Warner Bros. 1931

Jean gives only a very small performance in this film but her one lengthy scene is incredible. James Cagney has been chasing Gwen (Jean) for so long he finally tires of it and wants to break off with her, when he goes to her apartment she gives him all she's got and he's drooling again before he leaves.

Jean has this to say to him

Bombshell - MGM 1933

As screen siren Lola Burns Harlow shines in this terrific end up of the movie industry. Her attempts to get married adopt a baby and quit the business are quelled by her conniving publicist and her mooching family. Some would say it was a parody of Jeans real life with Mother Jean and husband Marino.


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